Quote from Liputan6.com’s On Off channel: Choose an earthenware, ceramic or plastic pot that is slightly larger than your tree’s root ball and make sure it has a few holes in the bottom. Fill the drainage plate with rocks to allow air to circulate. Use soil specially formulated for citrus or choose a slightly acidic potting mix.

Place the plant in a location that receives 8 to 12 hours of sunlight per day and ideally maintains a temperature of 12 to 30°C. Water regularly, but be careful not to dry out the soil. Citrus trees love moist air, so regular watering of the leaves with a spray bottle will help keep the leaves fresh.

Most lemons ripen within six to nine months. Test for doneness by looking for a bright yellow color that doesn’t fade, then gently press down on the skin. A good lemon will be firm but slightly soft. If you can lift the lemon easily by twisting it, then the lemon is ripe.