Repotting is the process of moving a plant to a new pot. Even if you want to replace the soil without replacing the pot, be careful with the process.

This is because the movements that occur during plant regrowth can put pressure on the plant. There are ways to reduce stress on plants.

Shutterstock/Lana_M Devil ‘s Ivy (Epipremnum aureum) plant illustration

Best practice is to lay the plant on its side and lightly tap the bottom of the pot until the roots emerge.

This will keep the stems, leaves and flowers in good condition while avoiding damage to the roots.

Even if you’re careful, moving the plant too much can cause it to wither and feel permanently cramped.

And most importantly, do not loosen the roots after removing the plant from the pot.

Remove some of the old soil before adding new soil because plants can already get a lot of nutrients from the old soil and need a fresh soil mix for further growth.