This type of cactus has a pumpkin-like shape and in the middle grows a flower that blooms with an attractive appearance. For color, you can get this cactus in yellow, red, and pink. In addition, this type of cactus is thorny and not. If you like thornless, you can choose Astrophytum asterias which produces yellow flowers.

5. Echinocactus grusonii, a cactus endemic to Dari Mexico

For those of you who love endemic and rare cacti, the Echinocactus grusoni cactus is the perfect choice. This plant, endemic to Mexico, is also known as the golden barrel plant or gentong mass. In general, this cactus has a round and large shape and is surrounded by long yellow spikes. However, the Echinocactus grusoni cactus with Albispinus variety is smaller and suitable for indoor storage.

6. Haworthia is similar to aloe vera

The haworthia cactus is also known as the zebra cactus. This plant has dense foliage, dark green and white spots that make this plant unique and suitable as an ornamental cactus. Haworthia cacti love the sun and a dry environment. All you have to do is water it every 3-4 days.

7. Stapelia grandiflora, the "star" of the cactus world

Stapelia grandiflora is a cactus native to South Africa with dark red flowers. This cactus is also called the carrion plant because its flowers are thick and red like flesh. Another name is starfish cactus because it resembles a starfish. This plant is easy to grow and suitable as an ornamental plant in your home.

8. Spoof can make a room brighter and brighter

This cactus is very popular in Indonesia due to its beautiful and unique appearance. Bright yellow flowers will definitely make your room shine, right? In addition, its large round shape and many thin spines make it beautiful.

9. Ferocactus, a mini cactus with long spines

The final recommendation for cacti comes from the genus Ferocactus. One species is Ferocactus latispinus, which has long spikes that look like yellow whiskers. The spine of this cactus is reddish brown in color and very sharp. However, this mini cactus is still suitable for decorating your room.

10. Miniature cactus Cereus Tetragonus

Native to the United States, this type of mini cactus is perfect for a home rescue. The cactus, which was later included in the genus Acanthocereus, can grow up to 7 m tall with a dark green color and three to five branching stems.

The popular name of this cactus is Pari Mahal. This is because if you arrange this hedge of cacti in rows of different sizes, it will look like a castle from a fairy tale.

11. Cactus Mini Cephalocarius Senilis

This cactus is often called the ancestor of cacti in the world. No, it's not about the pedigree, it's about the looks. Physically, this cactus resembles the head of a gray-haired grandfather. This type of cactus, native to Guanajuato and Hidalgo, Mexico, is also endangered in the wild.

Cephalocereus senilis can grow to a height of 5 to 15 meters. The barrel is clumsy because it is not very strong to withstand the load. The most noticeable thing about this cactus is the presence of a kind of long hair on its trunk. This wool usually grows when the cactus is still young. As they grow older, this coat gradually disappears.

12. Cactus Mini Echinophosulocactus

Unlike others, this cactus, whose name is difficult to pronounce, has a rounded stem and dark green color. The stem is then secured around it with large, pointed spikes.

Its growth is very slow and almost the same as that of the astrophytum cactus. Although this cactus is slow, it can flower at 2.5 to 3 years of age. The flowers themselves are white, red and yellow. The slow growth time will pay off when you see the beauty of this flower.

These are twelve kinds of thorny plants that you can decorate your room with. A pot only costs up to 18,000 - 80,000 IDR! Interested in keeping it? Just click on the link below. All the cacti we recommend are hand-selected from trusted suppliers.