Three Of The Best Daphnes / Rhs Gardening
Three Of The Best Daphnes / Rhs Gardening from

In hot climates, these plants actually fare better with afternoon shade. Daphne acutiloba daphne alpina daphne altaica daphne arbuscula daphne arisanensis daphne aurantiaca /calcicola daphne bholua daphne. Mid winter is flowering time for the traditional favourite pink and white.

Daphne Bholua, Which Originates In The Himalayas Can Be Evergreen Or Deciduous, Both Of Which Have Fabulous Perfume.


Daphne cuttings should have good root development after 3 months. We look at some of the best daphne varieties for the garden. It needs a location with full sun or partial shade and moist soil.

Daphne From Burncoose Nurseries Varieties Of Daphne Available To Buy Include The Following:


Daphne 'eternal fragrance' daphne x burkwoodii 'somerset gold edge' daphne arbuscula; Avoid spots with heavy shade or exposure to hot afternoon sun. Two species are used to make paper.

Best Of All, These Shrubs Don’t Get Unwieldy, Maxing Out At Three To Four Feet Tall And Wide With A Nice Rounded Shape, Says Duvall.


Many species are evergreen with flowers that appear as clusters or along stem tips. Eternal fragrance daphne is an evergreen variety that blooms on both old and new wood. Daphne x burkwoodii has slimmer leaves and little starry flowers.

Pictures And Descriptions For Most Of The Cultivated Daphne Species And Their Varieties.


Small leaved daphne and large leaved daphne varieties are available, evergreen and deciduous daphne are also available. Daphne cameo has an unusual apricot colour in contrast to the mostly pink varieties. Daphne x burkwoodii 'carol mackie' daphne x eschmannii;

For Those Wanting To Plant Daphne In Their Garden, Make Sure The Location Has Good Morning Sun And Filtered Light In The Afternoons.


When planting, add in generous amounts of organic matter. This daphne shrub is covered with flowers in the spring. When planting in a pot or container, use a large size that will last a lifetime so that you do not need to repot.