Although the name of this vine is enough to make you regret, the tears of the bride's vine have a very beautiful and serene shape. In fact, this plant has been categorized as a weed so that it can thrive even without regular maintenance. So for those of you who don't have much time to prune vines at home, wedding tiers might be the right choice.

6. Allamanda vines

This creeper has very bright flowers such as pinks and yellows. In addition to the exquisite coloring of the flowers of the Allamanda creeper, the size is also quite large, and the leaves are thick.

For recommendations on leafy ornamental plants as part of home decor, see this article.

7. Flame Irian Creepers

From the name itself, you can guess that this liana comes from the plains of Papua. Since it originates from Papua, the Irian Flame is certainly able to survive even at higher temperatures.

The flame of Irian vines has a hanging shape. So if you're looking for vines to shade your home, there's nothing better than Flame of Irian wine. However, this vine is quite rare, so you will have to spend more to get it.

8. Red betel nut

The red betel nut (Piper crocatum) is similar in shape to the pepper plant. The leaf shape of the red betel is also the same size as the green betel, with a heart-like leaf shape and a glossy greyish-white pattern on top. The underside of the leaves is bright red.

In addition to being known as a fence vine, betel nut is also known as a medicinal plant as it has benefits such as preventing bacterial infections, nourishing the teeth and is believed to be able to treat various skin conditions (one of them is eczema). If you want to use red betel leaf to decorate the fence, you should prepare the rope. Because red betel roots are not firmly attached to the reproductive environment.

9. Clematis

Do you live in a city where the air is cold? Then clematis can be the perfect choice for decorating your home. This creeper has a jasmine-like flower shape with beautiful flowers of blue, purple, pink, rose red, yellow and white. The advantage of clematis is that it can bloom all year round, and after flowering it produces a large number of flowers. Clematis flowers also exude a soothing fragrance. There are several types of clematis that are long-lived (can live up to 69 years) and can reach 6 meters in height.

10. Volume rock

Nicknamed Fleur de Dieu or God's Flower, this plant has flowers similar in shape to lavender flowers. Petria volubilis is suitable as a creeper for decorating your fence due to its beautiful flowers and ability to form inflorescences up to 1 m in length. Unfortunately, the flower age of Petria volubilis is relatively short. After flowering for several days, the flowers fade. The color of the flower will change from purple to grey.

Petria volubilis is also relatively easy to grow, as it can grow in moist to slightly dry soil. In shady or sunny places.

Petria is suitable for vines on the fence, because its beautiful flowers can form racemes up to 1 meter high, with 15-30 flowers. After flowering for several days, the flowers wither and turn brown.

These are some creepers that are beautifully shaped and can make your home look cool. First, determine the characteristics of the vines you want to use so that they can flourish and become beautiful later on.