5. Ornamental species of ivory betel plants.

This type of aquatic ornamental plant has a unique shape with broad leaves and long stems. This type of ornamental plant can also reproduce. Treatment is also not difficult, watering once every two days is enough.

This ivory betel nut is a stubborn ornamental plant because it can grow in a wide variety of environments, even just in water. This is why the ivory betel is included in the example of an aquatic ornamental plant.

6. Red Star Cassava Plant Species

As the name suggests, the Red Tara Taro ornamental plant has a very beautiful leaf color, the leaves are wide, and the color of the leaves is mixed green with red. This type of ornamental plant can also be maintained and cared for using hydroponics.

But this type of hydroponic ornamental plant is best kept outside because the red star taro ornamental plant requires ample sunlight. When kept indoors, the foliage of this species of aquatic ornamental plant can become pale and dull.

7. Types of Ornamental Plants Dracaena

As an ornamental plant, dracaena is an example of a well-known aquatic ornamental plant. The reason is that some people keep this ornamental plant in a container filled with water to keep this aquatic ornamental plant alive. With this easy care, dracaena is suitable for use as an indoor or outdoor ornamental plant, and can also be used as a table plant in the living room.

These are seven types of ornamental plants that can be grown at home using hydroponics. Don’t forget to try growing your chosen hydroponic plants at home now!