3. Try Apple

Apple scab is a common disease of plants of the Rosacea family and is caused by a fungus called Ascomycete venturia inaequalis.

This apple disease causes dark spots that attack the stem, leaves, and especially the flesh of the plant. Severe fungal infection causes premature fruit development.

4. Corrupt Flame

Fire rot is also known as fire blight. This disease, which attacks apple, pear and many other roses, spreads easily during the rainy season.

In very severe infestations, the disease can destroy entire apple and pear production fields.

Plant care in rainy season

You can be a little more careful to prevent plant diseases during the rainy season.

Unsplash / Markus Spiske Check the pot holes for smooth drainage. Pay attention to the drainage of the plants first. Make sure that the hole in the pot is not blocked so that rainwater does not freeze and the roots do not rot.

Then take fungus-infested branches and twigs, which are characterized by black, yellow, or rolling spots on the edges.

If you see a plant that appears to be infected with fungus, move it away from other plants immediately.

After cleaning the affected leaves and stems, first spray the plant with an antifungal spray and then return it to its original state.

For plants that cannot tolerate high water, move the pot to shaded ground with a roof.