If you have limited space, spider leaf ornamental plants are the leaf ornamental plant solution you can choose. This ornamental leafy plant from South Africa is very easy to care for and unique with its long and succulent leaves.

8. Foliage of ornamental plants

The shape is actually similar to the taro type, but this type of foliage has its distinctive feature of an ornamental plant with a shape that resembles a heart and has a tuber. This single leaf ornamental plant is also very easy to obtain and care for.

9. Dieffenbachia leaf ornamental plants

Dieffenbachia is an ornamental plant, also known as a lucky leaf or flower. The beauty of this deciduous ornamental plant also lies in the crown shape and color of the leaves, which are distinct, green or flecked with pale green or yellow.

10. Ornamental plants from calathea leaves

This single-leaved ornamental plant is also very popular among ornamental plant enthusiasts. Some of the favorite types of calathea ornamental plants are yellow calathea, violet and others. However, most people are interested in the look of Calathea Makoyama, as it looks like peacock feathers.

11. Ivory Betel Leaves, Ornamental Plants

The last ornamental plant is ivory betel. This kind of leafy ornamental plant has a unique shape with broad leaves and long stems. It can also be propagated as a single-leaved ornamental plant. Treatment is also not difficult, just watering is done every couple of days.

3 steps to decorate your aquarium with plants

There are many more deciduous ornamental plants with interesting identities besides those listed above. However, you can make an alternative choice by collecting these eleven leaf ornamental plants in your yard. Hurry up to buy!