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> Normalizes blood sugar levels

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Benefits of having herbal plants

Passion for farming alone will allow you to lead a healthy lifestyle. In addition, if you plant herbs, you can additionally prevent many diseases.

Taking care of your plants daily can also help you calm down and reduce the chain of thought that weighs on you.

Tips for growing herbal plants indoors

– Choose a place where sunlight can penetrate

– Choose a plant container with good drainage.

– Plant each plant in a separate pot.

– Adjust the fertilizer dosage so that it is not too much

– clean insects regularly

Recommendations for indoor herbal plants

Although there are many herbs, there are some that can be grown indoors. Apart from this, these herbal plants also provide benefits for maintaining a healthy body. For more information, here are some herbal plants to grow indoors.

1. Vasily

Basil is easy to grow in pots and can be planted indoors. Basil leaves also provide a refreshing aroma. You can also use this leaf for various dishes.

Basil leaves also have many benefits, ranging from healthy digestion and glowing skin to increased sexual arousal. You will get many other benefits when you start growing them at home.

2. Mint

You must have often heard and enjoyed the power of mint leaves in your daily life. Perhaps mint leaf drinks are your favorite at any restaurant you visit. Well, instead of relying on others, just plant this plant in your home.

Mint plants are quite small and all you need is a soil medium to plant them. The benefits you will feel will be many and you will also be able to freshen up the rooms of the house.

3. Oregano

A menu of stews or grilled meats will taste better if put in this one sheet. Oregano is also part of the mint family, which means you’ll only find one way to grow them.

In short, you must make the medium for planting the soil, it must be moist. Also note that fresh oregano is milder than dried oregano, which has a stronger flavor. Well, just customize it to the food menu you want to cook.

4. Parsley

You will often find this plant on the menu of Italian cuisine. However, you can still easily find the seeds of this plant in Indonesia and plant them in tropical temperatures.

Parsley will also add a special flavor to the dishes you cook. So pay attention to the dosage if you want to include this leaf in cooking.

5. Green onions

Plants with tall leaves will also freshen up your room. The air and atmosphere in a room with chives leaves will be more comfortable to live in. Even better, you can add these leaves to your baking menu.

To use it, you simply cut it into small pieces and add to your cooking. Be sure to leave about 2 inches in the pot.

6. Coriander

This plant is very famous in Indonesia. You are likely to find coriander in your kitchen right now. Coriander leaves are also widely used in Indonesian cuisine and are useful for flavoring food.

Growing this plant is not difficult. You simply bury the seeds a little deeper and water them with enough water.

With the benefits offered by these herbal plants, you definitely want to try growing them at home, right?