This type of potassium nitrate is very suitable for meeting the potassium requirements of chloride (Cl) sensitive plants such as tobacco. Potassium nitrate fertilizers are usually crystalline and white in color.

3. Potassium Sulfate (ZK) Fertilizer

The last type of potash fertilizer is potassium sulfate. It is a kind of potash fertilizer which is classified as the leader in the Indonesian potash fertilizer market. This type of fertilizer is made from a mixture of potassium oxide and sulfuric acid. Because of this, this fertilizer is often referred to as ZK fertilizer or zwavelzure time. Potassium sulfate fertilizer is produced in the form of small white granules. This fertilizer reacts acidic when applied to the soil and is not hygroscopic.

These three types of potash fertilizers are usually required by those farmers who have sufficient areas for horticulture with significantly higher productivity. But there is nothing wrong with using it in your garden. May you be successful!