Tubers such as potatoes, carrots and radishes can also be grown hydroponically. The best system to use is aeroponics because the nutrient solution will be regularly sprayed onto the roots of the plant so that the tubers can directly absorb the nutrients. Compared to traditional methods, hydroponic methods usually produce smaller tubers. But still, the quality of tubers obtained by hydroponics is also not low.

5. Ornamental plants are ready to decorate your water garden.

Who would have thought, ornamental plants can also be grown with hydroponics, one of which is by using hydrogel soaked in a nutrient solution. The use of this hydrogel will give its own uniqueness, especially if it is placed on the living room table with a glass vase.

Some ornamental plants that you can choose to place as decorative accents include mini bamboo, orchids to mother-in-law’s tongue. The hydrogel containing the nutrient solution will release the nutrients contained in it slowly according to the needs of the plant.

Those are the five types of plants that you can choose to cultivate hydroponically. Which of the five types of hydroponic plants do you like the most? Let’s plant plants from now on.