During the Corona epidemic, suddenly, many people became addicted to home gardening. If you want to harvest quickly, you can choose vegetables and fruits that take less time to plant.

Planting with a hydroponic system or using soil can be an option at home. Despite the limited land, many people try to grow a variety of vegetables and fruits at home. These gardening and hobby activities are becoming more and more popular after many workers have adopted the work from home (WFH) system.

Gardening can be fun if the plants you grow are ripe and bear fruit early. No need to wait for months, some types of vegetables and fruits have a short growing period.

From cabbages to cherry tomatoes, here are plants you can grow at home and harvest quickly.

Green vegetables, which contain a lot of iron, can be a great option for a home garden. It takes at least 1-1.5 months for spinach to be ready for harvest. Spinach is also a vegetable that can be grown at any time of the year throughout the year.

Green spinach or red spinach varieties are suitable as vegetables for planting in the yard. Even in a small pot, you can grow spinach. Remember to fertilize and water regularly to keep the spinach thriving and the fruit big and fresh.

The Kangkun planting period is 30-40 days. As a general rule, if you are planting kale, you don’t need to cut the roots, as the kale can grow back and need to be cut several times. Kangkung can be planted in soil or aquatic environments.

You can also rely on the barrel to grow cabbages. Hydroponic kale is usually fresh, large and quickly harvested. After planting cabbage, you can process it into roasted cabbage or pluck cabbage from your garden.

Growing red peppers is not difficult, you just need to sow chili seeds and then plant them in the ground. You only need to rely on a small pot to get the chili tree ready to bear fruit.

Red peppers can begin to bear fruit after 2.5-3 months of age from seed. The harvest period can last up to 6 months, and peppers will grow over 24 months. You can make fresh chili every day from chili from your backyard.

This little tomato can be mixed with cooking spices or eaten directly as a salad. Planting cherry tomatoes is not difficult, you just need to prepare a piece of land or you can even rely on soil in pots.

Cherry tomatoes can be harvested for about 70 days. Tomatoes will bear fruit faster if planted in high mountain areas. Do not forget to fertilize so that the tomatoes endure longer and stay fresh.

As an avid farmer, you certainly want the vegetables you plant to be harvested quickly. So, if you are looking forward to harvest time, you can start planting mustard greens. These vegetables require only 40-70 days of planting before they are ready for harvest.

The ability of mustard greens to grow depends on many factors, including plant nutrition, planting area, planting environment, and adequate sun exposure. If all these aspects are observed, then mustard greens can be harvested if their size is large enough.