This type of fern is said to be good for health. Sword nails are a decoction of insects which can also protect against colon cancer. The plant is also safe to consume and is a nutrient-rich green plant.

Thorns-swords have branched and lignified stems, and the leaves are veined. However, some species of swordfish do not have leaves at all.

8. Marsilia crenata (Water clover)

You can use aqueous alfalfa to treat cough, shortness of breath, urinary tract and tonsil infections, and to reduce liver function. The taste of alfalfa leaves is sweet and slightly tart. It can be drunk, previously boiled.

Water clover is also said to bring good luck. However, you should find water clovers in groups of four. They say that this type is rare and expensive.

9. Asplenium nidus L. (Bird’s Nest Nail)

The leaves of this plant are pointed at the ends. In addition, the edges are unevenly wavy. Rumor has it that bird’s nest nails are used to treat scabies and ease urination and defecation.

10. Platycerium bifurcatum (deer horn nails)

In fact, deer antlers are often an ornamental hanging plant. This plant has two colors: brown and green. Usually the brown color of the leaves becomes bigger and the green moves down.

This leaf can be used to treat ulcers, fever, onset of menstruation and inflammation of the uterus abroad. You can probably grow it at home now.

Here are some types of ferns that you can find and grow at home. Based on its benefits, perhaps fern could be a useful herbal remedy. If you believe in the legend that it brings good luck, that is probably the reason to start cultivating it now, right?