4. Pay attention to room temperature and humidity levels

Hypoestes phyllostachya is native to Madagascar. Therefore, they prefer high temperature and humidity.

Temperatures above 21°C should be sufficient if the humidity level is around 50 percent, which is well above the average home humidity.

To solve this problem, consider using a humidifier in a room where there are peas, or spray the leaves from time to time. You can also place the potted plant on a tray filled with water and gravel to increase the humidity around the plant. Make sure the water doesn’t touch the bottom of the pot to prevent root rot.

5. Prune to be fertile

Polka dot plants grow easily. This condition occurs when the growing conditions of a plant are not correct, which affects its appearance. You will need to prune to make this plant a bit thicker. Cut or pinch off the top two leaves every week to encourage growth and also make the plant look fuller.

If you see flowers blooming, prune immediately. The flowers are beautiful, but the plant begins to die or hibernate after the end of the flowering period.