4. Banana tree trunk

This material is also relatively easy to obtain, although it is not often found in urban areas. When you find a banana tree, you can take the part of the white midrib closest to the root or stump. After that, take it home and process it into hydroponic nutrients for your plants.


– banana stalk 50 cm.

– 10 liters of clean water

– 1 piece brown sugar

– 100 ml decomposer

How to prepare hydroponic nutrition from banana stalks:

Mix banana stalks and brown sugar in a bowl.

– Knead the mixture of ingredients until smooth, then add water and decompose.

– Shake until all ingredients are evenly distributed, then pour into container.

– Close the container tightly, leave it for ten days, stirring every day

– After ten days, open the jar and pour the contents into three containers of the same size.

– Add 20 liters of water to each container, hydroponics nutrients are ready to use.

5. Fertilizer combination

Hydroponic nutrients can also be obtained by making a mixture of artificial fertilizers. To use it more optimally as a food ingredient for your hydroponic plants, the following steps must be taken.


– 10 g Fertilizer NPK 16-16-16 (NPK Pearl)

– 10 g KCl fertilizer

– 5 g of Gandasil D fertilizer

– 10 liters of air

How to make hydroponics nutrients by combining fertilizers:

– Pour 100 ml of water into three plastic cups.

– Dissolve all types of fertilizers in each individual glass

– Shake until evenly distributed to avoid deposits

– Mix the solution in a glass with a bucket and dissolve it in 10 liters of water, stirring until smooth.

Well, you only need to prepare equipment for preparing hydroponic nutrients, such as containers, barrels, and wooden stirrers. You can quickly get a large amount of raw materials for growing hydroponic plants at home.