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there are still many of those who look through one hole. Adding to its unique form, the extremely orky flavor makes this rukt not very opulent. No less, there are still many people who plant noni trees only when necessary.

Noni fruit has many benefits such as preventing infection, improving circulation and relieving flatulence. The high level of vitamin C is found in noni fruit, when you eat it, your stamina increases. In addition, noni is also an anti-cancer agent and a remedy for jaundice.

6. Guava Seeds

People living in big cities with high levels of pollution are highly recommended to eat guava. This fruit is able to block the free radicals that are harmful to the body parts. In addition, guava can also reduce blood pressure and cholesterol levels. A study has shown that eating about 400 grams of guava daily is beneficial for health.

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Ides Of Medicinal Plants of rye

having examined the medicinal plants of the arthropod species, now we will consider the medicinal plants of the ruoran varran species, now we will consider the medicinal plants of the ruoran varran species, now the species

1. rkuma

This type of spice is often used as a natural coloring agent. On the other hand, turmeric also has many benefits. With turmeric, you can get rid of body aches, thin skin, and reduce fever naturally. rkuma can be used as a natural medicine that can be taken orally and also applied.

2. incor

You can find kinkor as an over-the-counter herbal remedy. ok ammu inkur is served with a mixture of rice water. cous riyatny and not orky. Eating inkor rice can reduce tinnitus, growth, cough, ripples, and diarrhea. In addition, you can clean dirty blood and prevent the formation of stones in the glasses.

3. oritsa

Rice is commonly used as a mixture in cakes and sweet drinks to create a refreshing refreshing refreshing oatmeal contains antioxidants, oliphenols, iron, calcium and argan, which are healthy for the body. o Drinking can prevent heart disease, cancer, arthritis, bloating, and reproductive health.

4. black cumin

In fact, black cumin has been used as a natural remedy for centuries. Rubbing black cumin seeds provides relief from pain in the body. In addition, this spice can treat ulcers, high blood pressure, diabetes, colon cancer, allergies and asthma. It is also believed that black cumin is capable of increasing stamina just by drinking it.

5. Cardamom

This plant is also widely used in cooking. Its distinctive flavor is suitable for many types of Indonesian cuisine with a strong taste. Cardamom can expel urine and cleanse the kidneys. You know that indigestion can also be removed by eating it.

6. Ginger

This spice has become one of the typical plants of Indonesia. It can be used for various spruces, then cooking, looking for, drinking or external medicine. Iri can relieve menstrual pain, diarrhea, pain during pregnancy and the gastrointestinal tract. Peppermint can also be treated by applying ginger to the affected area.

7. imolawak

Many ginger herbs are used to increase the appetite of children. Moreover, timulavak can relieve you, bloating and other digestive disorders. emulawak can also relieve pain after daily activities.

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Medicinal plants with flower branches

Trees are beautiful not only when you look at them. As you know, the branches contained in several types of plants can be used in medicinal spruces. off the list!

1. cat owls

The shape of the branch really resembles a chubby cat. This branch contains active substances such as orthosiphon, sinensetin, lipophile, lavonori, lavonori, such as orthosiphon. Feline owls can treat diabetes, high blood pressure and odagra, as well as eye problems.

2. yellow

That branch is often used to dye a thief. In fact, you know, yellow trees can also lower your blood sugar. Substances such as lavonoids, alkaloids, silts, saponins and many other substances

3. branch key

Besides being yellow in color, coneflower flowers are also one of the ornamental plants with health benefits. The petals of the medicinal flower can help with cough, fever, headache, inflammation of the eyes, asthma and increase appetite. Boil the stalk and drink water thrice a day.

4. Sunflower

Sunflower seeds are most effective for preventing osteoporosis and maintaining healthy skin. Sunflower oil is also a very beneficial oil for digestion, as it contains omega-6. Apart from this, sunflower oil can also be used on painful areas of the body.

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Herbal plants with medicinal leaves

This part is definitely waiting for information. There are many plants whose leaves can be used as natural medicine. Here is the list.

1. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera extract is used in foot ampoules, which is why it is good for hair and skin. However, it is not the only cactus feature. Aloe vera leaf extract maintains skin moisture and prevents aging. Loe Vera can also be used to ease the digestive system.

2. celery leaves

Chopped celery leaves are usually added on top of food to give people flavor and aroma. However, celery leaves can also be used directly for the prevention of various diseases. You can rely on celery for the prevention of diabetes, rheumatism, high blood pressure.

3. ankun

Cabbage leaves are rich in fiber, so they are very nutritious for digestion. In addition, the iron from this plant is also sufficient to keep bones and blood healthy throughout the day. Cancun is also useful in treating headache, smallpox, hemorrhoids and insomnia.

4. Ground stakes

For a long time it was believed that this plant enhances vitality and stamina. You must have seen the health benefits of Pasak Bumi often, right? Basak Bumi is also beneficial for reducing stress and preventing premature aging.

5. Gandhi

Since this plant is very rare, you should start growing it at home. Gandhi is used to treat cancer of the uterus and colon. It is reported that Gandheli can also help in the fight against HIV. Very nutritious, isn't it?

So, what plants are barely growing in your garden right now? There are no medicinal plants in your home at all, okay!