2. Prepare a Bag Journal

Bagalog is a medium for growing oyster mushrooms. The main ingredient is sawdust. Why? Because oyster mushrooms are tree mushrooms. The bagalog is enclosed in a cylindrical plastic case, with one end perforated. In this hole the fungus will grow and stand out.

In large-scale farming, farmers usually make their own bags. However, if you are a non-professional or a beginner, you can buy luggage logs from other members. This way you can focus on running agribusiness. At present, a bag of oyster mushroom weighing 1 kg is sold for Rs 10,000.

3. How to Care for Oyster Mushrooms google

There are two ways to organize bags with suitcases on the shelves: vertically and horizontally. When located vertically, the bagalog slot will be directed upwards, while when located horizontally it will be sideways. Each method has its advantages.

Horizontally arranged sack logs are safer than waterlogged logs. So if you add more water then the water will not go into the bag. In addition, this condition also facilitates the harvesting process. The downside of this positioning is that it wastes shelf space.

Here's how to care for oyster mushrooms.

Before assembling the log, first open the ring and cover. Leave for 5 days. If the floor is dirty, water the soil to add moisture.

Then trim the ends of the log bags to give them more room to grow. Do not water immediately. Leave for 3 days. Simply mop the floor to retain moisture.

Next, water with a sprayer. Set the sprayer to the mist position. No water drops. The thinner the water mist, the better. Give water 2-3 times a day. Depends on temperature and humidity. Keep the temperature of Kumbang between 16-24 degree Celsius.

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