Java moss is a plant belonging to the Hypnaceae family that originates from the region of Southeast Asia with the scientific name Taxiphyllum barbieri. This plant is relatively easy to care for as it does not require a lot of CO2 and high light intensity.

Like Hygrophila Polysperma, Java moss can be grown. At first glance, this plant looks like seaweed. However, the color of this plant is bright green, unlike algae, which are yellowish white in color. Java moss usually grows on driftwood or rocks.

5. Lilaopsis brasiliensis: your Aquascape freshener

Lilaeopsis brasiliensis is a carpet plant that can freshen up your aquarium floor. The carpet plant Lilaeopsis brasiliensis aquascape grows sideways. If you want a tall plant, you will need to adjust the lighting so that it is not too tall.

This plant can grow up to 5cm tall and quickly spreads across the bottom of the aquarium. If you are mixing this plant with other plants, you should prune this plant regularly. Because if left unchecked, lilaopsis can grow rapidly and interfere with the growth of other plants around.

So these are five plants that are often used to decorate aquascapes. what is your favorite?