This plant is one of the favorites of aqua scrapers. Not only because it is easy to maintain. But also because of its aesthetics and rapid growth. That is why they are often preferred for carpeting. This plant is quite unique. Its growth becomes even greater with prolonged exposure to bright light. Make it thicker. So, if you want to use Monte Carlo in your aquarium, adjust the lighting properly.

9. Anubias Coffeefolia is popular for its size and color.

This is one of the favorite plants of aquascapers in Indonesia. The unique leaf shape as well as the beautiful color make it suitable for growing in an aquarium. Anubias are often used to fill the center of a 15-25 cm high aquarium. The leaves are curved in the middle, and the color variations of the new leaves, brownish red, make it very beautiful. In terms of growth rate, Anubias is rather slow. Thus, you must be patient if you apply it.