4. Chili becomes a long-awaited kitchen vegetable

Many people complain that chili prices are going up. In fact, it turns out that growing peppers is quite easy. Even if you do not like spicy food, then this plant must be in your home. Some Indonesian dishes call for chili.

To plant it, all you need to do is separate the chili seeds and dry them in the sun, then simply place them in fertile soil. Water regularly and provide adequate sunlight. You will feel the result immediately.

5. Tomatoes can be grown in pots or in beds.

Tomatoes are also often referred to as tough plants. In fact, a country with a tropical climate like Indonesia is the best place to grow tomatoes. Tomatoes need at least eight hours of sunlight a day. In other words, you can easily get sunlight when the weather is not cloudy or rainy.

What you need to do is to fertilize every month and water enough every day in the soil planted with tomatoes. Relax, let nature take care of everything.

So, which of the five vegetable plants would you choose to start your gardening hobby?