Also called Bulian or Ironwood, this tree is one of Indonesia's rare plants that grows in the land of Kalimantan. Ironwood can produce very strong wood. Therefore, it is not surprising that Ironwood is often used in building materials such as bridges, houses, ships, etc. Unfortunately, the breeding of ironwood trees is very difficult. If their original habitat is difficult to find, their numbers will decrease.

Recommendations for Aquascape Plants Accompanying Beta Fish.

6. Cima Bag

You can find this rare plant in many rainforests of Sumatra and Kalimantan. Semar cysts are omnivorous because they can eat a variety of insects. The cymar sac must wait until it becomes an adult to eat the insect.

These carnivorous plants have nectar glands on the lids of their pouches. If many insects are trapped, the bag is immediately closed. The semen sacs then digest the insects for nutrients.

7. Rafflesia Arnoldi

Rafflesia arnoldi is a huge flower with a spicy scent. Rafflesia flowers grow laterally wide in inflorescences when the diameter of the inflorescence reaches 1 m and weighs up to 10 kg.

It takes up to 9 months to get large flowers. However, this flower blooms only for 7 days and withers and dies. These flowers cannot live directly in the soil.

Its survival is highly dependent on the host plant. Rafflesia flowers can be easily found in Bengkulu, Jambi and South Sumatra.

It is a rare plant found in Indonesia. Now that it has attained the status of a rare plant, it is time for all of us to preserve this plant so that all Indonesians can enjoy its beauty.