Another thing that also needs to be taken into account is the choice of decorations for your aquarium. The choice of aquarium decorations is important because aquarium decoration is one of the defining factors for the beauty of an aquarium, in addition to the species of fish that inhabit the aquarium.

You can choose from live original decorations such as aquatic plants or synthetic decorations. Make sure aquarium decorations are appropriate for the size of the aquarium and are safe for the fish to survive in. Often, synthetic jewelry is not made from materials that are harmful to fish, so that the fish do not live long.

4. Choose the type of aquarium fish

The next tip to pay attention to is choosing the right type of fish to decorate your aquarium. As a rule, there are several types of fish that you can keep in an aquarium, namely saltwater and freshwater fish.

If you choose a type of marine fish, you will need to adjust to the type of water that will be created in the aquarium and the conditions of the micro-ecosystem. In addition to paying attention to the type of fish, you also need to pay attention to the size of the fish you want to keep.

Don't let the fish you keep get too big for the size of your tank, or vice versa. Make no mistake, this imbalance will greatly affect the aesthetic value or beauty of your aquarium. So make sure you choose the right one!

5. Take advantage of used goods

Now, if you think you can't do the technical stuff like in the first point, or if you think it's too hard to do, you can use the materials used to make the aquarium as a medium.

By using these used items, your aquarium will become more unique and interesting. For example, you can use a used TV as an aquarium. All you have to do is replace the glass of the TV and close all the gaps in all parts of the TV.

These were five tips that can help if you are interested in building your own anti-mainstream version of the aquarium. How? Called to try?