Croton is usually found in parks or green spaces. This type of outdoor ornamental plant has colorful leaves that grow in full sun. Outdoors, crotons can reach 10 feet tall, but potted specimens are much smaller, making them ideal for houseplants.

12. Coleus

Coleus is a deciduous ornamental plant with very beautiful leaf color. Colors can vary from purple, yellow, green and pink. Coleus plants are characterized by square stems and leaves that are directly opposite each other. Leaves can vary greatly in size, style, and color.

13. Bromeliad

Tropical bromeliad leaves are a fun accent on the deck. With leaves in red, green, purple, orange and yellow, bromeliads are just as popular as plants with beautiful foliage. It can also have stripes, stripes, dots, and other elements.

14. Red sprout

Red shoots are an ornamental deciduous plant commonly found in gardens and outdoor areas. The new emerging leaf buds are bright red, hence the name of this plant “Red Shoot”. Leaves turn green over time.

15. Monstera

Monstera is an indoor or outdoor ornamental plant that is very popular in 2020. This plant often brightens up a room and gives a fresh tropical effect. The most popular species are the striped widow or Monstera obliqua and Monstera adansoni. These two monstera plants can cost up to hundreds of thousands of rupees.

16. Aglaonema

Aglaonema is an ornamental plant of the taro type. There are many types of aglaonema with different patterns, colors and sizes. Aglaonema prices also vary by type and range from 30,000 rupees to hundreds of thousands of rupees.

17. Betel ivory

Betel nut is one of the most popular ornamental ivory plants at present. Areca ivory is a semi-epiphytic vine of fresh green color. Betel nut also includes plants that are easy to care for and can be grown in water.

18. Decorative taro

Ornamental stadiums are a type of outdoor ornamental plants included in the stadium type. Currently, decorative taro is in great demand among lovers of ornamental plants. The most sought after species are Caladium Gingerland, Caladium Carolyn Wharton, Caladium Moonlight, Caladium White Christmas, Caladium Frida Hemple and many others.

19. Mother-in-law’s tongue

Mother-in-law’s tongue is also the best choice for indoor and outdoor ornamental plants. Aloe vera will grow in bright light. This plant will also grow in shady places. If you’re lucky, your mother-in-law’s tongue may present you with fragrant white flowers.

20. Antler

Deer antlers include ferns attached to trees. Its branched leaves look like deer antlers. These types of outdoor ornamental plants are commonly used by people in the yard, attached to a tree, or hung to give the garden a natural effect.