The tomatoes look large and of good quality. This person also showed some tomato trees that were already bearing fruit. He also had time to taste freshly picked tomatoes. According to him, the taste of tomatoes is sweet, and the fruits are fresh and large. This person explained that fish meat provides plants with nutrients that make plants grow faster. The content of protein, calcium and some minerals in fish also makes the soil looser as insects and soil animals help in the process of plant growth. This method is applicable not only to tomato plants, but also to various vegetable and fruit plants. The video, which was uploaded last August, has received over 400,000 views and positive response.

“Grateful that I found this video. I tried it and the results are really unexpected. Now I am very happy with gardening,” said the netizen. “My father used to be a fisherman and every time a bad fish came up he always used it as plant fertilizer. As a result, I had a lot of fresh fruit trees in my yard.