5 Types Of Potted Plants For The Garden With Advantages And Disadvantages - Plant pots are one of the essential items or items for gardening. Its function is not only as a container for growing plants, whether small or large plants.

The choice of plant pots is not as easy as you think and should not be arbitrary. Because the choice of plant pots must be adjusted to the type of plant, the contents of the pot and so on. If this is not done correctly, it is possible that your plants will wilt or rot.

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Tips for Choosing Plant Pots

Plant pots contain a variety of materials for a variety of purposes. Choose a pot with holes and feet on the bottom. The hole in the pot is used to drain the water. In doing this, the legs of the uterus work so that the uterus does not stick directly to the ground. To keep plants from rotting easily.

Also choose a plant pot by adjusting the pot size and plant size. Pots that have a hemispherical shape are suitable for planting plants with fibrous roots. At the same time, the elongated shape of the pot is suitable for planting rooted plants.

Finally, you should pay attention to the size of the pot. Pot size has a big impact on the growth and development of these plants. For plants that are still small, pots with a diameter of 40 to 50 cm can be used. Whereas larger plants can be planted in pots with a diameter of 1.5 to 2 meters.

Plant Pot Type

Of the many types of plant pots, all have their own advantages and disadvantages. In order to have a clear understanding of the types of plant pots, here are some types of plant pots that have their own functions.

1. Porcelain tableware

Ceramic pots are commonly used for indoor plant keeping as their shape with unique carvings makes a big impression which makes these plant pots expensive.

The disadvantage of this pot is that it breaks easily, plus it is more difficult to care for. Not all types of ornamental plants are suitable for this pot. Usually these pots are suitable only for expensive plants or exclusive flowers.

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2. Clay pot

Clay plant pots are the most sought after and used by people who love gardening. The price of this flower pot is very diverse, with many uses. This plant has the advantage that it can hold water seeping into the pot, so it doesn't need to be covered. There is also good air circulation, so the plants do not quickly rot. Thus, at high or low temperatures, the temperature in the soil environment will remain constant.

The disadvantage of such a flower pot is that it is easy to break and break. This will easily damage the pot if the roots get bigger.

3. Plastic utensils

The advantage of plastic plant pots is the choice of a wide variety of colors. Besides, the price of this plant pot is much cheaper than other types of plant pots. This type of pot is also lighter, not easy to damage and break, so it is more durable to use.

The disadvantage of this plastic plant pot is that it does not have pores, so when heated, the temperature in the pot rises quickly. This leads to the fact that the plants wither and quickly rot.

4. Cement pots

Cement utensils are stronger and more durable than earthenware and porcelain. The price is also affordable, it does not empty the contents of your wallet for those who love gardening. In addition, cement pots also easily absorb water, thus keeping the soil temperature well.

The disadvantage of this plant pot is that it is made of cement, so it weighs a lot, making it difficult to move the plants around.

5. wooden utensils


Gardeners also hunt for wooden pots. Wooden plant pots have a good water absorption rate. This pot is also stronger and more durable, comes in many models and sizes, plus the price is not too expensive.

Although wooden plant pots are not easy to crack or break, they weather and clog easily. Especially if pots with woody plants, which often come into contact with water and touch directly on the surface of the soil, facilitate rapid weathering.

Which of these five types of plant pots would you like to use? Please choose plant pots and use them to your advantage. May you be successful!