The Amazon rainforest has over 40,000 plant species. Up to 75 percent of them are endemic or found only in the Amazon rainforest. Here some plant species are used in folk medicine. Here are some plants that are endemic to the Amazon forest.

1. Giant Lotus

The giant lotus, also known as Victoria amazonica, is one of the most famous houseplants in the Amazon region. The name is derived from the name of the English Queen Victoria. The diameter of this beautiful flower can reach 3 meters and can withstand a load of up to 27 kg.

This flower is white when it opens on the first night and turns pink on the second day. Unfortunately, this beautiful flower only blooms for 48 hours.

2. Banga Heliconia

There are about 40 different types of Heliconia flowers. This flower has a unique shape, it resembles the claws of a lobster. The primary colors are red and yellow. This form confuses many animals and even people in search of flowers. Only hummingbirds are able to locate flower arrangements to suck up nectar.

3. Monkey Bell

Monkey brush vine is a plant native to South America with red and yellow flowers. This flower can be easily found in the Amazon rainforest due to its very bright color. The plant can grow on its own or become parasitic on other plants.

4. Brazil Nuts

The Latin name for the Brazil nut tree is Bartholetia excelsa. This tree is the dominant species found in the Amazon rainforest. This tree can grow up to 50 meters in height. What is different about this tree is that its leaves grow like an umbrella over the tree.

5. Medicinal Plants

There are many such medicinal plants which are found only here. Here are some examples of medicinal plants from the Amazon rainforest.