Maybe you think gardening is hard and troublesome. It’s better to save your thoughts, because there is a choice of vegetable plants, this does not bother you who want to take up the hobby of gardening. Well, for those of you who want to get into the world of plants, it’s a good idea to listen to these selections of vegetable plants for home breeding.

These types of plants are fairly easy to care for and you will feel the results right away. Anything? Please see below!

Benefits of gardening at home

A lot can be achieved by having your own garden at home. This will not only decorate your home, but also preserve the health of the people living in it. Here are the benefits of gardening at home!

1. You can take fresh food

Getting fresh vegetables is getting harder and harder. If so, then the price is too high. Having your own vegetable garden at home will make it easier for you to get fresh produce. You can also make many kinds of vegetable plants according to your needs. Whatever the case, your plant will be a lifesaver when vegetables are hard to come by.

2. More beautiful and reduce pollution

Green is really good for the eyes and vision. If you have a profession that requires you to stare at a computer screen every day, going to your garden at home can be a great treat for your eyes. Also, you can reduce pollution by not visiting the market often to buy vegetables.

3. Can be a profitable business

Anything can be a truly profitable business these days, including selling vegetables from your own backyard. You know, not one or two people have been successful in selling vegetables from their gardens. So, are you also interested in following in his footsteps?

Plants that are easy to grow

1. Nuts require the least effort

If you want to start growing beans, the first thing you need to do is to choose a menu of dishes with these nuts. The results you get from growing peanut plants will be significant and you will lose their flavor if you don’t eat them.

Caring for this plant does not require undue attention. You just hope the sun always shines because pea plants need at least six hours of sunlight a day. Otherwise, just water regularly to keep from drying out.

2. Salad makes it easy to prepare healthy food at home.

Instead of paying dearly for a serving of healthy food, growing your own salad at home can be a solution. In fact, lettuce can brighten up a corner of your home by planting it in a garden bed, window sill, or in a flower pot.

Most of all, this plant hates too much sunlight. If it’s a hot day, all you need to do is water it more often. If you have managed to green up your home with these plants, you can also eat green vegetables for breakfast.

3. Spinach and other green leafy vegetables

Frankly, spinach is even easier to grow than lettuce. You can plant more spinach in less space. After all, spinach is more adapted to the tropical climate in some parts of Indonesia. So you don’t have to worry too much when the sun is shining brightly.

You can also make many substitutes for green leafy vegetables. For example, cabbage leaves, which also contain no less nutrients than spinach. As long as you want to eat it with more zeal after it has been processed on the food menu.

4. Chili becomes a long-awaited kitchen vegetable

Many people complain that chili prices are going up. In fact, it turns out that growing peppers is quite easy. Even if you do not like spicy food, then this plant must be in your home. Some Indonesian dishes call for chili.

To plant it, all you need to do is separate the chili seeds and dry them in the sun, then simply place them in fertile soil. Water regularly and provide adequate sunlight. You will feel the result immediately.

5. Tomatoes can be grown in pots or in beds.

Tomatoes are also often referred to as tough plants. In fact, a country with a tropical climate like Indonesia is the best place to grow tomatoes. Tomatoes need at least eight hours of sunlight a day. In other words, you can easily get sunlight when the weather is not cloudy or rainy.

What you need to do is to fertilize every month and water enough every day in the soil planted with tomatoes. Relax, let nature take care of everything.

So, which of the five vegetable plants would you choose to start your gardening hobby?