Orchids are one of those flowering plants that many people often plant in their homes. Beautiful orchid flowers can be used as a beautiful element of home decor.

However, you need to know that orchids will thrive in rainforest-like environments where humidity levels fluctuate between 75-88 percent. For that you need to model the same at home to make sure they stay healthy.

It can be difficult to maintain this level of indoor humidity all the time, but as a solution, you can make a moisture tray. 

You can make your own moisture tray using plastic utensils, a layer of stone with gravel, and water. Place the orchid pot so that the drainage hole is at the bottom and carefully at the top. Evaporating water from the moisture tray provides extra moisture for beauty.

Here are a few ways to make moisture trays for orchids.

1. Residual moisture consists of stones and gravel

All you need are a few rocks, pebbles and a shallow plastic bowl to make this simple orchid moisture tray that only takes a few minutes and very little maintenance time.

To do this, prepare a tray or plastic container, do not use a clay container. Then fill it with rocks and gravel as well as water. Then put the rocks and pebbles in a container and rinse with water to cover the pebbles.

Then place the orchid pot on it to keep the orchid moist and grow well.

2. Residual moisture consists of stones and charcoal

Rock and charcoal can provide enough moisture for orchids. To do this, give a plastic container and fill the container with rocks and charcoal, then rinse and place the pot on top.

3. Moisture balance contains gravel

Making a moisture tray out of pebbles is quite simple and easy. Take a shallow dish or container and fill it with small rocks or pebbles and water.

Make sure the top of the gravel is slightly above the surface of the water. This way, when you plant your plant, its roots won’t be in the puddle.

Check regularly and refill tray as needed. It can be changed very often during hot weather and in dry places such as air-conditioned rooms.

4. Keep the glass plate wet in the tray

To make a glassware moisture tray at home, you’ll need a plastic plate, a plain plate, or a disposable saucepan.

First you need to wash the dishes, which will be used as a container or tray, from dust and dirt. Then fill the glass pot with at least 2.5 cm of gravel to ensure the best wetting effect.

Then make sure that the pot is not standing in a large pool of water so that the pot does not sink in the water.