3 Types Of High Potassium Fertilizers To Boost Plant Growth - Fertilizer is an additional material used to fertilize plants. Many types of fertilizers are used either by farmers in their fields or by those who are fond of gardening in the yard.

Each type of fertilizer has its own advantages. A special plant is a vegetable, fruit or ornamental plant. There are also soil conditions in the area and depending on the climate or time of year.

Benefits of High Potassium Fertilizers

One of the main types of fertilizers is a fertilizer containing potassium. Potash fertilizers are a type of fertilizer that farmers often need. Potassium is one of the most important trace elements for plants. With a limited amount of potassium in the soil, farmers need fertilizers with a high content of potassium.

Potash fertilizers have various benefits for plant growth, including: The ability to speed up the flowering and fruiting process. In addition, potash fertilizer can strengthen plant parts such as leaves, flowers, and fruits so that they do not fall off.

Potash fertilizers can also increase the shelf life of fruits so they don't rot. Increasing the resistance of plants, whether it be drought or insect attack. And finally, it is able to improve the quality of the crop in terms of taste, color and weight of the crop.

Types of fertilizers with a high content of potassium

Generally speaking, there are three types of high potassium fertilizers. Taken from multiple sources, here are 3 high potassium fertilizers.

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1. Potassium chloride (KCl) fertilizer

This type of potassium chloride or KCL fertilizer is a synthetic fertilizer that is quite rare on the market today. This is probably because the price is quite expensive. However, this type of fertilizer remains a mainstay of farmers because it is able to meet the potassium needs of plants.

KCL fertilizers can be divided into two types. The first type is KCl 80 with a K2O content of 53%. The second type is KCl 90 with a K2O content of 58%. KCL fertilizer is crystalline and white or red in color. This type of fertilizer is suitable for soils with low chloride content.

2. Potassium Nitrate (KNO3) Fertilizer

The second type of potash fertilizers is nitrate-potassium fertilizers. It is a chemical fertilizer containing potassium (K) and nitrogen (N). This type of fertilizer contains two macronutrients needed by plants, so it can be said that this fertilizer is very effective for plants. The need for 2 macronutrients can be met in one application.


This type of potassium nitrate is very suitable for meeting the potassium requirements of chloride (Cl) sensitive plants such as tobacco. Potassium nitrate fertilizers are usually crystalline and white in color.

3. Potassium Sulfate (ZK) Fertilizer

The last type of potash fertilizer is potassium sulfate. It is a kind of potash fertilizer which is classified as the leader in the Indonesian potash fertilizer market. This type of fertilizer is made from a mixture of potassium oxide and sulfuric acid. Because of this, this fertilizer is often referred to as ZK fertilizer or zwavelzure time. Potassium sulfate fertilizer is produced in the form of small white granules. This fertilizer reacts acidic when applied to the soil and is not hygroscopic.

These three types of potash fertilizers are usually required by those farmers who have sufficient areas for horticulture with significantly higher productivity. But there is nothing wrong with using it in your garden. May you be successful!