Ferns have long been a mainstay of ornamental plants. Ferns first became popular in the United States during the Victorian period in the late 1800s and then experienced an impressive rise in popularity in the 1970s.

Due to the abundance of fern species, as well as their easy adaptability to indoor growing conditions, ferns are becoming quite popular houseplants.

Ferns can complement almost any decor style due to their lush appearance. Some may even do double duty by turning into an outdoor barn for the summer.

Here are some tips for keeping ferns indoors, according to Bloomspace.

Fern plant group

The first way is to plant ferns in pots in groups with other ornamental plants. Combine plants with fine foliage textures with regular houseplants with bright textures such as monstera or figs. As a bonus, ferns will benefit from the humid microclimate created by the grouping of houseplants.

Make it the center of the room

The fern can stand out on its own with its lush, textured leaves. Create the focal point of a room by placing a fern on a bright dining or coffee table to give a green touch to the room’s décor. Alternatively, you can place a fern on a plant bench to draw attention to yourself.

Hanging fern

By hanging a fern near the window, you can let in the sunlight that generates love. In addition, hanging ferns can be a beautiful decoration for a room. Use an attractive hanging basket or turn any pot into a hanging pot.