Mosquitoes are one of the most annoying animals. Apart from this, mosquito bites can also spread diseases. To avoid this, you can plant mosquito repellent plants in the house.

There are many plants that can be used for mosquito hunting to drive away mosquitoes or reduce their population. You can plant these plants in your garden if you really want them in large numbers. Some other plants can be brought into the house by planting them in pots.

Not only that, actually. Many mosquito repellent plants also emit an unpleasant odor, which prevents mosquitoes and other insects from entering. In fact, there are plants whose extracts can be used for skin care.

Next, let’s take a look at choosing the best mosquito repellent plants to have at home. You really don’t need everything. You just need to pick one or two plants and the mosquitoes will disappear.

1. Lavender

Let’s get started with our pick of the most beautiful mosquito repellent plants. You must have heard that lavender extract is used in mosquito repellent, right? Yes, the truth is that the smell of lavender emanating from linoleum and linoleum is not liked by mosquitoes.

For people, the scent of lavender can be soothing. You can grow lavender in front of your house or keep it in a vase. Guaranteed, the lavender purple color matches the existing furniture.

2. Lemon Balm

In addition to lavender, the smell of lemon is also not liked by mosquitoes and is often used as a mosquito repellent. Of course, it can be placed near the window at home. You know, this melissa herbal plant can also be used as a flavor enhancer in cooking.

In addition to repelling mosquitoes, the fresh scent can also attract butterflies. You definitely want your garden to be full of beautiful butterflies.

3. Lemon Flavor

This plant is also considered a powerful mosquito repellent. In addition, this plant can grow in any soil condition, whether it is wet or slightly dry. Unfortunately, citronella can only be grown outdoors.

Relax, there is only one way to protect your home from mosquitoes. Place the citronella plant near a window or door. Thus, the access of mosquitoes is closed at the entrance.

4. Catnip

Basically, this plant is often used by domestic cats. The smell of catnip can encourage the cat to be more active. That way, your cat will want to go back and forth and eat a lot of food.

On the other hand, mosquitoes do not like the smell of catnip. Catnip, which contains the essential oil naptalactone, has been researched, which may repel mosquitoes. You can put them at the back of the house and it will be easier for cats to reach them.

5. Amount

The zodiac actually flourishes in Papua but is now easy to find in many places. This garden can also be planted to drive away stubborn mosquitoes roaming in the house.

Zodia emit a characteristic odor, which makes the mosquitoes disappear. If you want more potent properties, apply the juice of the leaves to your hands and feet. Take this step when you want to exercise outside.

6. Rosemary

Some acquire a pleasant taste and smell after adding henna to dishes. In addition, henna is also widely used to decorate household items due to its unique shape. You know, you can grow rosemary in your garden or as a hedge in your home.

7. Basil leaves

This mosquito repellent also contains compounds eugenol, linalool and geraniol. These substances produce an odor that mosquitoes do not like. Tulsi plants can also be planted for decoration in the house.

Apart from this, basil can also be used for cocktails. In this way, whenever you want to make a cold drink, you will easily get basil seeds.

8. Pink Geranium

Pink flowers are a great choice for home decor. The size does not exceed 80 cm, thus, this plant can be placed in any corner. Even if your house is relatively small, you need not worry.

Musk flowers, spreading a fragrant aroma, drive away mosquitoes. This fragrance can also reduce stress as it has calming properties.

9. Flowers of Cambodia

This plant is often considered mystical because it is often found in cemeteries. However, this does not mean that it cannot be grown at home. After all, frangipani flowers are very beautiful in a mixture of white and yellow flowers.

This lone plant also lives for decades. The scent of frangipani flowers is also considered effective in repelling mosquitoes. If it’s more nutritious, take frangipani flower extract oil and apply it all over your body.

10. Garlic

Not many people know that garlic can also be used to repel mosquitoes. Commonly used as a kitchen herb, this herb has a distinct aroma. Even mosquitoes hate this smell.

You can use a few cloves of garlic that have been finely chopped. Then we spread onion pieces in the corners of the house to drive away the mosquitoes. The smell of garlic can last up to two days.

11. Marigold

Marigold flowers, or more commonly known as Jupiter flowers in Indonesia, in addition to their beautiful color, are also effective as mosquito repellents. Marigold plants contain natural compounds that can be helpful in protecting your home or garden from mosquitoes and aphids. Another advantage of marigold plants is that they are easy to grow in a variety of soils and conditions.

12. Pennyroyal

It has long been known that pennyroyal is an insect repellent (including mosquitoes) because it has a strong mint scent (stronger than regular mint) that can effectively repel mosquitoes. Even this plant effectively repels cockroaches, fleas and rats. Planting a herbaceous plant in your garden will prevent mosquitoes and other insects from entering your home.

Tips for choosing mosquito repellent plants

Basically, you can use any mosquito repellent in the house. However, it must adapt to many factors, starting with type and size. Here are some tips for choosing plants that repel mosquitoes.

1. Adjust Volume at Home

As mentioned earlier, there are some plants that can only be kept outside because they require a lot of light. If the yard is wide enough, you can certainly opt for a large mosquito repellent.

2. Choose the Right Media for Your Indoor Environment

You know, it’s not just the floor that you need to focus on. Containers are also an important element to consider if you want to bring plants. In addition to pots, you can also use used vases or already perforated tin cans. However, it should still be able to absorb and remove water, yes.

3. Choose Plants That Have More Functions

There are also mosquito repellent plants that can give off a delicious scent. You can also look for plants that can be used for making spices or for home decoration.

4. It’s Not Just About Mosquitoes

Although mosquitoes are the main enemy, there are plants that can drive away other insects. If so, you can also prevent flies, moths and fleas from entering your home.

All the mosquito repellants mentioned above are guaranteed to be effective in controlling mosquitoes in your home. Now all you have to do is choose the best plants to grow at home.