11 Most Popular Leafy Ornamental Plants - There are many types of leafy ornamental plants, in different sizes and colors. If you are a fan of leafy ornamental plants, you will surely be confused as there are many types of unique and interesting leafy ornamental plants.

Sometimes there are multiple species within the same type of leafy ornamental plants that add possibilities for decorating your yard. Undoubtedly, your home will become more beautiful and fresh with the presence of leafy ornamental plants.

Deciduous ornamental plants that are easy to find

In Indonesia, it is not difficult to find a variety of deciduous ornamental plants. Now deciduous ornamental plants are sold in places where ornamental plants are sold. For more information, here are some leafy ornamental plants you can use as a collection substitute.

1. Supplier of ornamental plant leaves

This kind of leafy ornamental plant was very popular in the 1990s. It is not hard to find, as Suppil grows strongly on the wet side of gutters. Supplir is a deciduous ornamental plant of various species and varieties.

2. Ornamental plants from deer antler leaves

Deer antlers are so named because this ornamental leafy plant bears a resemblance to deer antlers. And placement is also normal in the above situation. Thanks to the Latin name platicerium, this single-leaved ornamental plant has about 18 species.

3. Elephant Ear Ornamental Plants

For lovers of ornamental plants, its name should sound familiar. Elephant ear ornamental plants are very popular and are most commonly collected by leaf ornamental plant enthusiasts. It is also easy to care for, and the shape is also very unique.

4. Ornamental plants mother-in-law's tongue

I do not know where it is called mother-in-law's tongue, but this deciduous ornamental plant has a unique shape. In addition, the owner of the other name sansevieria also benefits from the neutralization of air toxins in the house. Easy to care for, this deciduous ornamental plant can grow in conditions where water and sunlight are scarce.

5. Love Wave Leaf Ornamental Plants

At one time, leafy ornamental plants bearing this unique name were very expensive and hunted by ornamental plant collectors. Although now commonplace, this single-leaved ornamental plant is still in high demand due to its unique and attractive shape.

6. Ornamental plant from the leaves of Red Star Taro

As the name suggests, the ornamental plant Red Star Taro has a very beautiful leaf color, the leaves are wide, and the color of the leaves is mixed with red and green. These two color combinations are very popular with this single-leaved ornamental plant. So it is not for nothing that this deciduous ornamental plant has many fans.

7. Ornamental Spider Plant Leaf


If you have limited space, spider leaf ornamental plants are the leaf ornamental plant solution you can choose. This ornamental leafy plant from South Africa is very easy to care for and unique with its long and succulent leaves.

8. Foliage of ornamental plants

The shape is actually similar to the taro type, but this type of foliage has its distinctive feature of an ornamental plant with a shape that resembles a heart and has a tuber. This single leaf ornamental plant is also very easy to obtain and care for.

9. Dieffenbachia leaf ornamental plants

Dieffenbachia is an ornamental plant, also known as a lucky leaf or flower. The beauty of this deciduous ornamental plant also lies in the crown shape and color of the leaves, which are distinct, green or flecked with pale green or yellow.

10. Ornamental plants from calathea leaves

This single-leaved ornamental plant is also very popular among ornamental plant enthusiasts. Some of the favorite types of calathea ornamental plants are yellow calathea, violet and others. However, most people are interested in the look of Calathea Makoyama, as it looks like peacock feathers.

11. Ivory Betel Leaves, Ornamental Plants

The last ornamental plant is ivory betel. This kind of leafy ornamental plant has a unique shape with broad leaves and long stems. It can also be propagated as a single-leaved ornamental plant. Treatment is also not difficult, just watering is done every couple of days.

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There are many more deciduous ornamental plants with interesting identities besides those listed above. However, you can make an alternative choice by collecting these eleven leaf ornamental plants in your yard. Hurry up to buy!